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  • Deep Dive into a Self-Hosted Media Management Platform for Beginners
    What exactly are we building? A fancy docker compose stack consisting of: A built in VPN container, through which all other containers’ traffic is routed Plex: A media library management tool that organizes and streams your media files.” Tautulli: Companion software to Plex, fine-grained control for monitoring and managing your streams Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, Bazarr: Automating the downloads of TV shows, movies, music, and subtitles (in that order) Jackett: API-based management of indexers for the aforementioned list of download clients QBittorrent: Torrent client Watchtower: Tool to auto-update the containers
  • Grafana + InfluxDB: Bad Gateway
    Fixing Grafana’s weird issue with InfluxDB.
  • Have multiple drives appear as one
    Solving a slight annoyance with hours of research and risking all my data, because why not.
  • Upgrading the CPU
    The original CPU in my rickety home server was proving to be a little inadequate, but even the strongest supported CPU would have been such a small upgrade that I could not justify spending the money on it.
  • Homelab
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